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Why do you need a Business Capability Statement?


Increasingly organisations are being asked to include a Capability Statement in tender documentation. You’re possibly thinking at this point, what is a Capability Statement? Allow me to enlighten you.

What is a Capability Statement?

A powerful and professionally written Capability Statement is a communication tool that showcases in one com…

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Compelling Copywriter Bulletin # 4

Features + Benefits = Advantage

Firstly let’s better understand the difference between features and benefits from a marketing perspective because only then will our compelling copywriting skills effectively communicate the true value to our customers of our products and services.

I find the best way to focus the mind is by way of example.  Here’s …

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Compelling copywriter Bulletin # 3

Spelling Demons

I know I’ve said it before but it’s true, that the image of you and your business is reflected in everything you do. You may well ask what has this got to do with copywriting and business communications? Lots. Research has shown a single spelling error can cut on-line sales by 50 percent? And three out of 10 web visitors will leave a w…

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Compelling Copywriter Bulletin # 2

The Power of Words

Let me share with you what it means to connect with the majestic, the graceful and the forgiving. I’m talking about our equine friends. For all you horse lovers you’ll know what I mean so please read on. These thought-provoking quotes demonstrate to me the power of words in absolute terms. Let me know what you think.

Look back at o

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Compelling Copywriter Bulletin # 1

What are the most common causes of bad writing?

The simple fact is that most people are simply not used to expressing themselves on paper and therefore don’t write fluently.

  • Jumbled vocabulary.
  • Long sentences.
  • Poor punctuation and grammar.
  • Strained and clichèd words and phrases.

It’s bad for business. So do we agree that writing well requir…

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Copywriting tip # 17 – Avoid plague words.

What are plague words?

They bloat text, waste time, confuse the reader and don’t earn their keep. Examples include “at about”, or “ask the question”. You may well be asking yourself why are these examples considered plague words.

Concise copywriting is an art form.

The examples above should be more simply written as follo…

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Marketing tool box essentials

 What is a marketing toolbox? Do you have one? What’s in it? Well from my experience as a small business owner specialising in copywriting and creative design, and through my work as a small business mentor I find myself increasingly steering client conversations and mentoring sessions towards this concept of a marketing toolbox.

What is a marketing

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Copywriting tip # 16 – Can you spell?

Some of the strict grammar and spelling rules you memorised so painfully in school may no longer be completely valid given the more liberal approach applied to the English language these days. As a purist you may be considered stuffy and pedantic but where does educated speech end and illiteracy begin? What I do know is this. As a copywriter and business opera…

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Business mentoring does work!

My experience as a business mentor spans many years.  As a small business owner specialising in copywriting I run a copywriting services business called Design Wordz. With a strong background also in marketing I am called upon as a mentor for my communications and marketing expertise. Clients are all small business owners or those with a small business i…

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Special copywriting offer – don’t miss out

Have a business blog but don’t have time or the confidence to write and publish articles?  Or perhaps you don’t have a blog but want one. For a limited time only I am offering a super copywriting deal that you cannot afford to miss.

 6 blog articles* for the heavily discounted price of $550.00

Normally priced at $780.00 this super copywriting off

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