Compelling Copywriter Bulletin no. 4 – Features + Benefits = Advantage

Firstly let’s better understand the difference between features and benefits from a marketing perspective because only then will our compelling copywriting skills effectively communicate the true value to our customers of our products and services.

I find the best way to focus the mind is by way of example. Here’s a couple.

Example 1

The fast internet connection on my smartphone is a feature, but the ability to quickly find my way when I’m lost is a benefit.

Example 2

My ironing board has a rubber-mounted iron rest on the end of the board – a feature. The benefit is that it allows me to rest my iron without having to place it on the board itself.

Example 3

My office supplies store offers an extensive selection of items, ·easy online ordering and free delivery – features. The benefits to me include I can order my supplies without leaving my office which saves time and money, no delay or hiccup to my daily business operations as I know supplies will be delivered as requested.

So what’s the difference between features and benefits?

In its simplest definition, features describe “what”; benefits describe “why.” Features describe some characteristic of what you’re offering; benefits explain how the feature will help you solve a problem or improve your situation.

In short, benefits answer the What’s In It For Me? question.

Converting features into benefits isn’t always easy. You need to be an inventive and compelling copywriter. You need to clearly convey how your product or service saves your prospective customers time, money and in some cases, reduces risk.

Why is it important to convert features to benefits?

Quite simply, it will impact your bottom line.

The sum total of Features and Benefits is Advantages.

Most people tend to forget the advantage part which is hugely important. Let’s go back to my ironing board example.

The advantage of having a rubber mounted iron rest on the end of my ironing board is that I don’t burn my ironing board cover and l can fold clothes on my ironing board as the resting iron is not taking up space.