Copywriting Fees

Design Wordz is committed to offering you affordable copywriting fees. Choose between engaging me on an hourly rate, on a retainer basis or you may prefer I quote a project fee whereby you know upfront exactly how much you will be billed.

  • All Design Wordz copywriting fees and quotes are exclusive of GST.
  • A 50 percent deposit is requested upon appointment to each project.

Whilst clients are happy with my first submission, on occasion there is a need to make changes. My copywriting fees include one round of revisions. Should further revisions be needed or new material included outside the scope of the original brief I reserve the right to discuss and negotiate a revised quote. New projects always require an initial client briefing which can be face-to-face, via Skype or managed via email. And sometimes travel is involved. These fees are factored into all project fee quotes or charged at the hourly rate.

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