Why do you need a Business Capability Statement?

Increasingly organisations are being asked to include a Capability Statement in tender documentation. You’re possibly thinking at this point, what is a Capability Statement? Allow me to enlighten you.

What is a Capability Statement?

A powerful and professionally written Capability Statement is a communication tool that showcases in one comprehensive document your business credentials, competencies, achievements and accreditations. Check out this Quick Guide prepared by the Industry Capability Network.

Why do you need one?

Its purpose is to communicate clearly and effectively to potential business partners, stakeholders, suppliers, customers and even employees about your business and business capabilities. A Capability Statement is important because it provides target audiences with specific information about your organisation that will assist them to decide on whether they should do business with your company. When written powerfully and persuasively, a Capability Statement will differentiate your business from your competitor, helping to reinforce your business brand and value proposition in the minds of existing and potential new customers.

How do you prepare a Capability Statement?

For some business owners writing a capability statement can be overwhelming. That’s why engaging a professional copywriter – one experienced in producing Capability Statements is money well spent. A professionally presented document including strong graphics and strategically relevant content will always impress and could be just the tool that wins you your next contract or tender.

Who should you talk to about writing your Capability Statement? Design Wordz – professional copywriting for small to medium business.

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This post was written by Helen Ward